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Get to Know Me

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Sallianne Robinson

Parenting Coach and Early Years Expert

I became a parenting coach because I truly believe parenting doesn’t need to be such a tough job.
I was a single parent at a young age with 2 beautiful children. What could have potentially been a disastrous upbringing in the face of deceit, tears and upset, actually turned out to be the best thing that happened to us. Although it was a tough start, connection and collaboration was high on my agenda – we were in it together and that’s how we rolled. I am so proud today to look at my children as thriving, confident and happy adults.

As an Early Years Teacher with a history in education spanning over 20 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to support hundreds of parents in their quest to be a great parent and supported as many practitioners in their goals to offer the best education for children in their care as we all work towards one common goal – to raise and educate well rounded children into successful and happy adults. 

I am now completely committed as a parenting coach to help you find peace, calm and confidence as a parent. I understand the possibilities of building relationships with your child(ren) based on mutual trust, respect, understanding and care and I am deeply passionate about supporting you in this life-changing work. 

My approach to parenting

The traditional ‘Power Over’ parenting style you can so easily slip into, makes you feel like you’re going to spend the rest of your life struggling with your children and continue to feel like you’re just not doing a good job as a parent.   

I believe that to enable children to flourish and learn to their true and fullest potential, our approach to parenting  is critical to their development and well-being. Once we understand what our children need from us and fully appreciate our role as their first educators, then we can embrace and enjoy this most challenging and amazing job we have chosen to embark upon.   

I believe that the real issue is that we’re not taught how to be the kind of parents most of us long to be so we end up slipping into the patterns that were ingrained in us in our own childhoods.  

And we all need a little help with that at times. It can be challenging, confusing and exhausting and sometimes you need to turn to someone who can hold your hand, tell you you’re doing a great job and move forward.   


I understand how hard it is to ask for help as a parent. Which is why when you contact me, you will be met with understanding, a non-judgemental openness and a supportive, personalised, effective plan that I will personally guide you through every step of the way.

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