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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Parent Coach?
    As a Parent Coach, I help parents and carers build better relationships with their children by first building a better relationship with yourself. By being the best version of yourself, you will be able to approach parenting from a place of confidence and ease. You will have the right mindset to know why your children are behaving in certain ways and because you will know what triggers you and how to work through that, your relationship with your children will be more of a flow than a struggle. We usually leave ourselves at the bottom of the pile but how can we support our children to learn essential life long skills if we don’t fill our own buckets up first. I support you to look at what is working for you as a family right now and what isn’t. Often, when things get tough, the child’s behaviour will be the sole focus and without support, we simply try to fix them but with parent coaching, I will help you examine your own attitudes and approach towards parenting and find ways to see upgrade and growth. Parenting is one of the most rewarding tasks we will achieve in our life time as well as the most challenging. I help you to feel empowered to navigate the ups and downs to build lasting and strong lifelong relationships for a happy and enriched family life. I will support you, listen without judgment and provide that helping hand for you to succeed and feel fulfilled as a parent.
  • Do I Need A Parenting Coach?
    Yes and No! Children don’t come with a manual. They are gloriously unique and they are born ready and raring to embrace life to the fullest. Just because we have become a parent, doesn’t mean we know how to navigate the trials and tribulations that child hood brings. We all need that helping hand to ensure our children have the best upbringing you can offer. As a Parenting Coach, I help you stop running around the hamster wheel. With so much advice out there, you can keep reading endless books with different approaches to parenting, which can become confusing. I always suggest finding a holistic approach that suits your family values, find a parenting coach that you can build a supportive relationship with and stick with them. Parenting lasts a life time. Finding lasting connections with your children is essential to your whole family’s wellbeing as you grow and develop complex relationships. As your Parent Coach, I will help you every step of the way.
  • How Do The Sessions Work?
    It’s focused and flexible. The session is yours to navigate as you wish. We will meet regularly for an hour, usually weekly and no more that bi-weekly and make an agenda for our time together. We’ll look at the wins in the past week as well as the challenges. During our session, I may ask some thought provoking questions that will challenge your style of parenting, seek some answers to past experiences and take comfort in how your family dynamic is growing and developing. We will explore new tools for you to use based on research and current knowledge about child development.
  • Are You Qualified As A Parenting Coach?
    Yes, I trained as a Certified Coach with Jai Institute for Parenting. I have a long standing career spanning 20 years achieving my BA Hons in Early Years Teaching in 2010. My teaching and education focus has been with children ranging from birth to 5 years, teaching them with a holistic Forest School approach for most of my time and will continue to do so. I have worked with Surrey County Council and Kingston University promoting early childhood experiences in Forest School. I taught in Primary Schools working with children up to 11 years and have experience working with families with teenagers. I had my children young, so I always say I have been a child, I’ve had my own children and I’ve worked with children my whole life – I like to think I simply ‘get what they need’. My focus now is on supporting parents to be feel empowered in their role and to be the best parent they possibly can be.
  • What Is The Parenting Course You Offer?
    When I trained with Jai Institute of Parenting, one of the valuable assets they offered was to provide our clients with a comprehensive course. Alongside the 1:1 coaching sessions, the course provides you with a library of resources from videos, reading, articles, workbooks and much more.
  • Do I Have To Do The Course?
    Coaching is the most valuable part of our time together as I will support you to look at your parenting style and challenge new ways of thinking. The course offers a fantastic additional support with many articles and videos to watch on the latest research into child development and approaches to parenting. I suggest doing the course alongside our work to further enhance your knowledge and understanding of your developing child and your approach to parenting. We can include your findings in our regular sessions and explore how they can be implemented on a daily basis. Basically, there are some good nuggets of information that can be really useful. I like to think of the course as a library of information. During your 1:1 coaching, I may point you in the direction of some research or reading that may be relevant to your specific needs at that time. There is no right or wrong way to do the course and no obligation but it could help in strengthening your knowledge and understanding of your family needs.
  • Will Parent Coaching Work?
    As long as you promise to work with me and show up every week and implement the support and tools I offer, there is no reason why it won’t work. At times you will feel it may not be working but that is the beauty of our tailor made sessions together. We can work through the parts you find hard and find tools and strategies that will help you to approach parenting to see change and growth. Everything takes time to work. By offering my support and guidance, we will form a respectful attachment where you can open up in a brave space to challenge your current parenting style and explore new ways to interact with your children.
  • What Is The Discovery Call?
    When you make contact, I will offer you a call. It will last around 1 hour (fee £45). Having that initial chat will give us chance to start building a rapport together. You will have chance to explain your concerns and I can share with you how my coaching works and how I can help you. I will offer some coaching support and tips for you to implement where appropriate with immediate effect. If parent coaching is something you feel would be useful to support your family, we make next steps together. I will be transparent as to what my costs are with no obligation.
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